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Austral Asian Tektites

Unraveling the mysteries of Austral Asian Tektites is my passion. After twenty years of collecting and investigating these enigmatic glass stones, I am excited to share my knowledge in my new book. Discover the fascinating story behind their creation, the impact they have on our understanding of planetary geology, and uncover the secrets to locate a potential crater site. Trust an expert with firsthand experience from South East Asia.

What sets me apart from others, is my  focus and dedication to the study of Austral Asian Tektites. I delve deep into the world of these unique glass stones, providing the most comprehensive information available. My book is a testament to twenty years of meticulous research and hands-on expertise in South East Asia. Join me on this journey of discovery and gain insights that will revolutionize your understanding of Tektites and their origins.

Discover Austral Asian Tektites

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The book is free of charge, download from: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/rm3aw2ous0ivn96abzfcf/h?rlkey=9iurnf9ay6108o7hbsh7l1itd&dl=0

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